Our Staff

Our direct service staff:

All of Temcare’s direct service staff have extensive experience working in various welfare fields and hold relevant professional qualifications.

Staff are committed to providing services to vulnerable members of the community that reflect evidence-based practice and a commitment to the teachings of Jesus. They are also eager to partner with members of the Christian community to meet the needs of people.

Neville Evans: Manager

Natalie Walton: Family Services and Women of Hope coordinator

Rachel Chan: Family Services support worker

Klaudia Charles: Respite Care coordinator

Naomi Manderson: MATES mentoring coordinator

Simone Beattie: Youth Worker

Mary Chin: Accounts officer

Our Board

George Morgan: Chairman.

Geoff Francis: Vice Chairman.

Susan Diggles: Board member.

Rawle Watson-Jones: Board member.

Timothy Morse: Board member.